Rebranding of Global Energy Services, s.r.o.
into green energy services, s.r.o.

After founding the green energy roofs, an internal decision was made to continue to grow the green energy brand, and to rebrand the successful subsidiary Global Energy Services after 12 years into green energy services, s.r.o., in line with green energy slovakia and roofs.


green energy roofs, s.r.o. is founded.

Through our new subsidiary green energy roofs, we offer our clients the option to build and operate the LSE at our own cost, while the clients lease the LSE from us, with an option to repurchase it. LSE service provides a long-term supply of green electricity at a low and stable price, without any initial investment.


Green Energy Holding

In 2020, we entered into a partnership with Püspök Group, the biggest private operator of wind parks in Austria, and we are developing new wind and photovoltaic projects together through a joint subsidiary Green Energy Holding.


Roof photovoltaics (local source of electricity) construction introduced.

In 2019 we have launched a new product line – photovoltaic systems installed on roofs of companies for their own use, so called local source of electricity.


Biogas power plants construction commenced.

In 2013 we added another kind of power plant in our portfolio of developed projects. We built two biogas power plants in Koš (0.999 MWp) and Bakša (0.999 MWp).


Global Energy Services, s.r.o. founded.

The subsidiary provides technical support and maintenance services for all mentioned projects and more. In its portfolio, it has 38 projects with total installed capacity of 40 MWp, of which it is currently 35 projects with total installed capacity 32 MWp.


Solar power plants construction commenced.

In 2010 and 2011 we constructed and put into operation solar power projects in Slovakia in Tesárske Mlyňany (0,999 MWp and 1,200 MWp), Lišov (0,585 MWp), Tekovské Nemce (0,870 MWp), Veľké Úľany (0,999 MWp) a Alekšince (0,999 MWp), Biskupice (4×0,999 MWp) a Rumince (0,999 MWp), and participated in construction of projects in Červenica (0,800 MWp), Chyžné (2×0,999 MWp), Kobyly II. (0,999 MWp) and Tušice II. (0,600 MWp).


green energy slovakia becomes a member of WEON Group.

The group encompasses numerous companies with activities across energy, development, real estate, property management, or retail sectors.


Wind power plants construction commenced.

As the first and still the only company in Slovakia, we have built 3 wind power plants in Cerová (2,64 MW), Skalité (2,0 MW) and Myjava - Ostrý vrch (0,5 MW). We have successfully completed the EIA process for wind power plants with a total installed capacity of 62 MW.


green energy slovakia s.r.o. is founded


International projects

We have cooperated on projects with international powerhouses such as Vestas, Energiewekrstatt, SMA Solar Technology, or Vario Green Energy. In 2007, for the purposes of cooperation in preparation and implementation of several wind and solar projects together with Raiffeisen Energy & Environment Holding SK, we founded REE Green Energy Slovakia s.r.o..

In 2011 we founded also a Serbian subsidiary Green Energy Serbia, where we have developed 8 MWp of total installed capacity in the form of solar and wind power plant. During 2016-2020, we were one of the co-developers of new photovoltaic projects with a total installed output of 70 MWp in Hungary.

green energy slovakia s.r.o.
a member of Group WEON group, a.s.

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