About Us

Green energy Slovakia, Ltd. was established in 2000. The company is the first and still the only one in Slovakia to build wind power plants in Cerová 2.64 MW, Skalité 2.0 MW and Myjava, location Ostrý Vrch 0.5 MW.

From 2010 to 2011 the company launched projects on using solar energy in Slovakia in locations Tesárske Mlyňany  0.999 MWp and 1.200 MWp, Lišov 0.585 MWp, TekovskéNemce 0.870 MWp, Veľké Úľany 0.999 MWp and Alekšince 0.999 MWp, Biskupice 4×0.999 MWp and Rumince 0.999 MWp and it participated in implementing projects in locations Červenica 0.800 MWp, Chyžné 2×0.999 MWp, Kobyly II. 0.999 MWp and Tušice II. 0.600 MWp.

All the above mentioned projects are provided technical support and service by Global Energy Services Ltd., being a part of the WEON Group.

Several projects at various stages of elaboration on using wind and solar energy, both in Slovakia and abroad with the total power capacity of 200.0 MW are going to be implemented in the near future.

In 2007, the company joined with Raiffeisen Energy&Environment Holding SK to establish REE Green Energy Slovakia Ltd. with the primary goal to cooperate in preparing and implementing these projects.

Since 2007 we are a part of WEON Group which covers various project companies to implement intentions of the Group.

green energy slovakia s.r.o.
a member of Group WEON group, a.s.

Pekárska 11
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Address for correspondence:
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phone: + 421-2-53 41 16 69
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e-mail: greenenergy@greenenergy.sk